ArduFerm, Custom PCB

Today i’ve spent some more time playing around with Eagle and this link, seeing how hard it was to design a custom Arduino Shield PCB for the fermentation controller.

Here’s a pic of the circuit diagram from Eagle:

Well, admittedly, I don’t really know what i’m doing, but it’s been fairly easy following the guide and building a PCB. It lacks a bit at the end though when it comes to exporting Gerber files (which is what a PCB manufacturer expects) so I’m kind of stuck for now; but i’ll do some more research later and find out what I need to do.

There are a number of relatively inexpensive manufacturers of custom PCB’s around on the net, so I’m thinking of ordering some just to see how they come out. Might even use one 🙂

2 thoughts on “ArduFerm, Custom PCB”

  1. Do you need some further clarification on Exporting gerber files? I’ll help where I can 🙂

    As for production, I highly recommend including your board in Laen’s board order via It’s inexpensive, and the manufacturing isn’t done sub-par (We have a USB based board manufacturer)

    Alternatively, if you wanted to you could order my breakout shield, which looks like it would fit your needs 🙂

  2. Thanks Aaron. I’ve since done some more research; and it’s mostly my own mis-understanding of the process, however I’ll clarify:

    On the site it says: “We want to use a specific CAM job, so we have to go to File->Open->Job… Choose your cam job, and you should get an updated CAM processor window:”

    But, which file needs to be picked? At the time I wasn’t aware that some PCB manufacturers supply these files with what they need (at least Seeed Studio Fusion do).

    Also, the options are confusing, and as a total PCB beginner, I have no idea where to start 🙂

    Otherwise, the guide was incredibly helpful!

    I appreciate the comment!

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