NullByte CTF – Walk Through

This is a writeup of the NullByte CTF challenge which can be found on VulnHub.

I really wasn’t sure what to do next after the last challenge, but this one looked as good as any!

I ultimately headed down the slightly wrong path at the end here, but I learned a lesson from that in itself. Also I learned about manual, blind SQL Injection rather than using SQLMap to do all the dirty work, so that was nice.

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Minotaur CTF – Walk Through

This is a writeup of the Minotaur CTF boot2root CTF VM which can be found on VulnHub.

This is my first CTF writeup, having previously done a couple of CTF challenges with varying levels of success. In each of the previous challenges I’ve done, I have had to look at other walkthroughs to get an idea of the next steps required. Pleasantly however in a couple of cases, the next step was what I’d assumed it would be – but thought to myself “Naa. That doesn’t seem right.”, only to find that in the walkthrough, that’s what they did.

For this CTF Walk Through, I’m going to give it my best go, without looking at other walk throughs. That is until I crack the shits and go looking for hints 🙂

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