Running Keepnote on OS-X/macOS.

I sat down tonight to work on my PWK/OSCP lab report (Yeah, I’ve been doing PWK!) before my upcoming exam, and intended to use Microsoft Word on my Mac to do write it up in, just because I’m familiar with it. But, of course, all my notes are in Keepnote which runs on Kali.

Sure, I can run Kali in a VM on my laptop, and I actually already do, but I don’t at all fancy wrangling with cross-VM copy/paste etc. Sure, my data is stored in a synced cloud service, so it’s actually already even available on my macOS drive anyway, but, it would be nice to just use Keepnote natively to access the notes.

Turned out there’s a couple of hoops to jump through, to be expected I suppose – as unfortunately Keepnote appears to be all but abandoned, given the latest version is from 2012.

I found some details at, which were a good start. Unfortunately, there was perhaps already a dependency installed on the laptop used there, or perhaps Brew has just changed that much, that the dependencies suggested didn’t work for me.

I used the first couple of suggestions, but needed to work out an issue with Glade missing from pygtk.,but a couple of Google’s later, and I have it worked out. The updated pygtk install command required is:

brew install --verbose pygtk --with-libglade

Possibly the .dmg installed on provided glade, but brew doesn’t. Not sure… Anyway, Keepnote works on macOS 🙂

I’m intending to blog once a week once I’m done with OSCP, but we’ll see how that goes. Hopefully I will be certified OSCP by July, which was my goal when I signed up at the start of the year 🙂


What the hell just happened! Did you just get PWND?

So, if you’ve been following this blog for a while (there aren’t many, but I do know of a couple) you may have just seen a whole bunch of infosec/ctf/hacking-related content added to the site.

No, my blog hasn’t been hacked.

No, I’m not a skript kiddie.

No, I don’t illegally access sites or servers I don’t have permission to access.

Yes, I do consider myself a hacker – but in the true sense of the word. Someone who uses hardware and software for purposes they were not originally designed for. Not the meaning of the word used by the media – someone who accesses systems illegally.

Yes, I do operate a small Information Security group – aimed at fostering knowledge and understanding of information security issues.

Yes, I am involved with assessing security of software as part of my full-time software development role.

Yes, I often undertake CTF challenges on the weekends.

Yes, I am aiming to move into a role with more involvement in Information Security in the future.

No, I will not hack your ex-girlfriends Facebook, and nor do I know anyone who can.

I was starting to operate a small blog hosted on to host all my CTF and security related content, but it was then becoming a little annoying to have this blog sitting here, only hosting brewing content. I can’t see a reason why it can’t do both, so I imported all the images and content over here.

So, from here on there won’t be ONLY homebrewing posts, I’ll be posting on information security related topics too. There are a stack of homebrewers who are in the IT industry too, so I think that content will also be kind of interesting for some of you anyway. Likewise, InfoSec people are often basically functioning alcoholics too – so they’ll probably get something from the homebrewing content too 🙂


Cider Progress.

As I mentioned before we made a quick apple cider up to make use of the yeast starter I had going – today the fermentation fridge smells fantastic! Smells of so many fruits it’s hard to pick them, but there is also of course plenty of Apple in the aroma!

We added some yeast nutrient, but I forgot to aerate. No boil obviously, as it was just bottled apple juice, so it probably won’t matter at all…

It’s bubbling away nicely (airlocks can’t be trusted, I know I know) and while there’s no real krausen to speak of, we’ll take a gravity reading tonight and see how it’s progressing. Given how strong this yeast is, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was done in a week. That means I’ll have to get my kegs setup soon!