Using pfSense on your internal network?

and NAT won’t work? Don’t be me. Don’t forget to uncheck ‘Block private networks and loopback addresses’ and ‘Block bogon networks’ from your WAN interface.

As you would expect, if you’re using pfSense as a router between VLANs which are on private network addresses, that setting will ruin your day 🙂

More to come on my lab setup 🙂

Google Dork; WordPress debug.log

This is an epic sigh, failure moment.


According to the documentation, WordPress allows the setup of debugging to a file, when issues are encountered inside the software. All well and good, I’d expect that. What I wouldn’t expect is the file it dumps the data into – to be WORLD READABLE!

But I suppose this is WordPress, and they’re well known for doing dumb shit like this constantly.

Google Dork:

If you run WordPress, please make sure this file is not world-readable – please protect it with your Apache/Nginx/IIS config – don’t rely on it not being visible in a directory list!

I’ve submitted this to exploit-db and their Google Hacking database.

Quickie: Tri-clover plate chiller backflush attachment

I fitted the tri-clover fittings to the plate chiller during the week, and then when it came to cleanup time yesterday I couldn’t backflush like I used to. I had to hack up a backflush attachment so I could flush the plate chiller.

Using a few of the bits that were lying around, I came up with this:
Chiller back flush adapter

Worked perfectly 🙂

Just looking at the picture, I could eliminate the barbed fittings and use a 1/2″ MPT tri-clover fitting screwed into the 3/4″ to 1/2″ reducer, which would make it a bit safer. The silicone hose was bulging a bit when the tap on the plate chiller was closed! 🙂

Oatmeal Stout… done!

Took another reading on the Oatmeal Stout just now, gravity has bottomed out at 1020SG. There is quite a few unfermentables in there, oat lipids and oils etc, so I guess it’s done. Can’t really hurt to leave it until the weekend to see if it can eek out another couple of gravity points though. Yeast has mostly dropped out which is another sign, temp has been a constant 20c since Sunday. Apparent Attenuation is sitting at 64% right now, and the Wyeast site says this yeast is capable of 71%- 75%, admittedly under lab conditions and probably not in an Oatmeal Stout! 🙂 Currently 4.7% ABV, nice and drinkable 🙂

See how it goes over the next couple of days, then crash it on the weekend I think 🙂


Oatmeal Stout, Progress.

Took the first gravity reading today, usually I would try and wait 3 or 4 days, but i’m home from work crook today, so thought I would take a gravity reading so I wasn’t sitting around feeling sorry for myself.

From 1057SG on Saturday to 1022SG this morning, it’s cruising along nicely. Aroma is incredible, the chocolate malt really adds a LOT here, and it tastes DAMN GOOD right now! Mashed a bit lower than I wanted to so expecting to see a FG around 1010 now, but it smells and tastes bloody awesome right now 😀

Had to take the temp controller off the fridge for a few hours last night as I had some mates over to watch the F1, and my keezer controller was on the fritz. I had no idea how much the temp would warm up, it was up to 25c this morning! I expected maybe a degree or two increase overnight, but wow, 7 degrees is a lot more than I expected. As it’s nearing the end of fermentation anyway, i set it to 20c (was 18c at the start of fermentation), and plugged it back into the fermentation fridge, and it was back down to temp in a couple of hours. Not ideal, but should be OK.

Hopefully I can rack to secondary on the weekend and cold crash, then keg it and store it cold for a couple of months until the winter comes. Can’t wait for that first pint! 🙂

Active Starter.. good! This morning I checked the fermeter, nice krausen happening and plenty of air-lock action (yeah yeah, not an idicator.. keep it to yourself). Pitched at 9:30pm, and 6:30am it was flying along. Yeah I know this would be about normal for any starter that was pitched directly from the stir plate, but I like to decant the spent wort when I do mine, so this method is nice.

Will be doing this again 🙂

Sparkling Ale Starter Progress

Yesterday morning I stepped up the Sparkling Ale starter, after having crashed it in the fridge over night. Decanted probably 200mL of spent wort (or beer…) and mixed up another 500mL of 1040 wort in my second 2L flask using the usual process. I was only guessing on the DME though, the battery in my scales went flat 🙁 Another pinch of Wyeast Nutrient as well, and boiled for 10 – 15 mins.

Cooled as normal, and pitched the remainder of the old into the new. Now up to pretty close on a litre, and back on the stir plate before heading to work. This morning the stir plate was still cranked and going along nicely (it didn’t die in the night for a change!) and the wort was very very milky and yeasty, very very promising compared to yesterdays first step up.

Tonight I’ll check on it again, and probably fridge it again. Depending if my brew gear arrives, on Wednesday night I’ll either wash it and store it or decant it and pitch to a fresh 1L of wort ready for Thursday’s brew day.

Quickie: 23jet Mongolian Burner

Gave the 23jet burner a quick test today, boy does it ROAR! My regulator might not be up to scratch though, it was flat out with the ball valve on half throttle.

I need to build up a frame for it, but before I even do that I need to get a 15amp power point wired into the garage so I can actually weld the frame up.. I’ll need to organise that for one day in the next month or so!