Helpful Stuff

As I work out things I need, I’ll add them here. Mainly just so I have a handy location for various imperial to metric conversions, etc.

StarSan (5 Star)
Metric Ratio: 1.5mL/L.
1.5mL of StarSan per Litre of water.

If you sanitise your kegs by filling with StarSan and pushing out with CO2, these numbers may help:
27mL of StarSan in 18L of water to sanitise a corney beer keg (18L)
28.5mL of StarSan and 19L of water to sanitise a corney beer keg (19L, full volume)
Why 18L? To make measuring the StarSan easier. The extra litre of headspace can be purged with CO2 quite easily.

212F = 100c

Brewing Salts
CaSO4 = Calcium Sulphate = Gypsum
CaCl = Calcium Chloride